Web Design

It takes a visitor a few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave your web page. Design is the key.

Our designers and programmers optimize your ideas with state-of-the-art-technology. We created a customized for your new web page based on adequate infrastructure, gathering fundamental criteria such as: individuality, creativity and usability in perfect equilibrium. To achieve this harmony, we are committed to your project from the beginning. Together we define requisites and demands, selecting optimized content for search engines and we worry about the maintenance and care of your web site.

Internet Marketing

A web page without visits is a lost investment. We will help you with an online marketing strategy.

At Stocker Group we offer new online marketing strategies, known as "Internet Marketing 2.0". Internet Marketing is denominated as the set of actions that allow your web page a high position in the results of search engines, besides other techniques such as internet publicity using Google or social network portals such as Youtube, MySpace and Facebook. It is much cheaper and flexible than traditional marketing, allowing rapid modification and optimization of campaigns, for increasing success. The user must interact with a click to reach your web. Thanks to monitoring complete control is obtained over campaigns making it possible to know where the users are coming from and how long they have stayed on your site.

Web Applications

We develop web applications oriented towards maximizing the profitability of your company.

At Stocker Group, we are characterized by the use of state-of-the-art-technologies technologies with an integral consulting concept, on the path of resolving the requirements of each organization. Our team responsible for the area of Web Development and Google Marketing is in charge of advising and giving constant technical support, adapting to your periods of change and reorientation, becoming our customer’s partners. With our solution for Internet Marketing and Web Positioning, e-siberian, our developments are oriented toward maximizing the profitability of your web site, radically increasing visits with a good positioning in search engines.


On our e-siberian web page there is more information about the most important aspects involved when creating a web page and our web positioning services, internet publicity, online and viral marketing. For webmasters we have created a tutorial with our knowledge on web positioning. We also describe the technologies that we use in the processes to develop a project.

Our clients

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