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Knowledge Management

With our Knowledge Management business line and our software MOAI, we offer integral solutions where the perfect combination of  consulting and technology are put at the service of your company, giving you the opportunity to make a difference.

We can mention successful experiences developed thanks to our software MOAI, among them are: AMANCO Agricultural Solutions, Norexport Program, from BID-ICONTEC and the Knowledge Management platform for the Centers of Cleaner Production of Latin America and the Caribbean part of ONUDI, among others. Read about our services here



Consulting, Evaluation and Monitoring

Our consulting team is present in all of the business lines that we develop. Stocker Group is known for delivering an integral service which combines consulting and technology.

We are also aware that to advance in strategy, all organizations must be able to measure progress of the variables that have been established and Stocker Group has focused on the task of supporting its customers in this process. What should be measured? or How should it be measured? are part of our work. Read more about our services here



Business Round Tables, E-Marketplace

Based on the importance of creating face to face instances such as exclusive spaces for commercial contact, we have created a work method based on proven products in the market which has facilitated the creation of business for SMEs in Latin America.

In the area of Business Matchmaking, E-Marketplace highlights the software Business Matchmaker and the online business platform, Mercatoo E-Marketplace. Both tools have allowed us to develop successful Business Round Tables en Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Nicaragua. Read more about our services here



Web Applications and Technological Solutions

Our team in charge of the Web Development and Google Marketing area is responsible for giving constant advice on technical support, adapting to your periods of change and reorientation, making us a partner of our customers. With our Internet Marketing and Web Positioning solution, e-siberian, our developments are oriented towards maximizing the profitability of your Web site, radically increasing visits using proper positioning in search engines. Read more about our services here



Offshore Software Development

The Stocker Group offers from its office in Chile the development custom software. We apply the complete cycle for the programming of software. This starts from the idea of the product, offshore development, to the support for outsourcing and maintenance of your systems. In this area, we count on a team of expert engineers in diverse programming languages. Read more about our services here