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The know-how of a company or organization is a highly valuable intangible asset, and as such, usually is not considered in a company’s statement. The goal of Knowledge Management is to utilize the know-how, to obtain competitive advantages for your company or NGO. Be assured that you can make much more out of your own Know-How if you manage it well.

The term Knowledge Management summarizes all activities with the goal of using knowledge in a more efficient and effective manner. These activities are not only technological in nature, but they also include organizational and human talent aspects. With a Knowledge Management Project (KM) an organization can centralize all its experience and know-how in one system. At Stocker Group, we provide the Solutions that deliver precise information at the right time and place.

Knowledge Management is an integrated process

Knowledge Management (KM) involves sensitive areas of a company or organization. For the deployment of this methodology it is indispensable support and guidance each step of the way. At Stocker Group we accompany you, advising you on the analysis of the situation / requirements, the deployment of software and finally analysis of the results.

We analyze your company or organization, categorize your knowledge (know how) and according to this reality, we advise you on the selection of experts and administrators.

We incorporate the data recollected from the analysis in a technological solution, in a way that the software adapts to your specific needs. Depending on the situation of your company software already in the market or a custom built solution can be used..

We train, sensitize and advise users, experts and administrators so that the system can be used in an efficient manner.

Impact measurement involves deploying a solution that allows its users to evaluate results in their tasks. Our experience shows us cases in which savings in costs are observed by avoiding "reinventing the wheel"..

Web Technology for Connecting Knowledge

Based on the results from the analysis we look for a custom IT solution for your company, using existing infrastructure. We developed three powerful tools built for any browser: IMPACT NOW. Users can connect with an internet domain at any time from any place in the world. Only members of your company or organization can access with an encrypted Login and Password.

For our IMPACT NOW KM Solutions we developed a user friendly and intuitive concept. Any user can work with them without major complications.


Software Solutions

Knowledge Management Solutions for three groups of customers


Impact Now.NGO is a software for Foundations, NGOs and Multilateral Organizations that allows managing all the organization’s know-how and permanently tracking projects. The key modules are: Project Manager, Monitoring and Impact Analysis, Project Matrix and Experts and Data Base of best practices.

Download description of Impact Now.NGO

Logo MOAI Industry.Industry

Impact Now.Industry is a software made for private industrial companies and includes commercial management. The key modules are: Commercial Management, Expert Data Base, Inventory Data Base and Project Management. IMPACT NOW INDUSTRY includes a system that measures Return on Investment (ROI) of the same Knowledge Management System.

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Logo MOAI Invest.Invest

Impact Now.Invest is a software for investors, venture capital companies that manage funds and projects. It allows saving and categorizing data on projects and contacts. It also has a new way of searching data on projects with matrix presentation format.

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A four step methodology proven successful

Stocker Group has extensive experience in the development of Knowledge Management tools.   The work method used consists of four phases in its development that ensure a deep knowledge of the situation and the requirements the customer must meet. Based on this knowledge, solutions are defined and developed with tight collaboration with the same organizations involved, looking to take advantage in the best way experiences, knowledge, successful procedures, besides the existing and projected technical capacities.

The intervention phases are the following:

  1. Phase I: Analysis of requirements
  2. Phase II: Development of the platform and definition of the systems administrative infrastructure
  3. Phase III: Sensitizing and training of the users
  4. Phase IV: Technical support and evaluation

These phases maintain a logical order and can be developed together or separately.

Phase I: Analysis of requirements

The analysis of requirements has the goal of obtaining the necessary information to recognize critical bottle necks within the organization that interfere in the creation of knowledge and its exchange towards the organization. In this phase the general planning of the project is also defined.

Phase II: Development of the platform and definition of the systems administrative infrastructure

The objective of this phase is to bring the requirements down to Earth in the analysis requirements using a Web platform, new procedures and other necessary changes and developments.

Phase III: Sensitizing and training the users

The objective of Phase III is to stimulate collaborative and knowledge building practices. Always under the objective that the members of an organization can become groups which are rich in information, knowledge and interaction is that Stocker Group has developed a Workshop whose objective it is to sensitize its participants on the importance of sharing knowledge and learning, and bring them closer to technological tools that facilitate exchange.

Phase IV: Technical support and evaluation

The technological platforms created by Stocker Group allow access to a system of reports, whose categories and specific content are determined according to the general requirements that have been defined together with the counterpart stipulated by our customer. The follow up is done in an intensive manner and from a distance, using direct collaboration with the administrators, who can count on a special help desk at Stocker Group to attend their requirements.

Four steps Knowledge Management Process

We count on a customer base that has separately hired the different phases of our methodology. This is the case of Pacific Hydro, Sygenta, ICCA, SwissContact and DEZA


Knowledge Management in practice

In the framework of its methodology, Stocker Group has developed a workshop that allows its participants to demonstrate from a vivid experience, the importance of teamwork and sharing information.

This demonstrates that teamwork with Knowledge Management is a means that facilitates efficient learning; nevertheless, it is indispensable to count on committed human resources that are aware of the importance of sharing their knowledge.

In this workshop the following is possible:

Learn to establish a team to achieve personal and common objectives.

Demonstrate that teamwork is much more efficient with clear roles and responsibilities.

It will prove that a failure in one element of the team can affect the entire community and as a result it is indispensable to count on all the members of the organization.

It will show how with a clear work method (knowledge management) and Basic tools, a strong impact can be achieved within an organization.

Brief description:

Duration: From 2 to 4 hours.
Participants: 50 - 100.

This workshop is comprised of three stops in its development, which at the end allow establishing certain reflection points for clearing up doubts specifying necessary concepts.

It is also during this instance where future plans of action are defined, in consensus with the involved community.

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