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We give support for all aspects in the study

Our consulting team is present in all the business lines that we develop. Stocker Group is known for delivering an integral service which combines advisory and technology.

Also, aware of the fact that to advance in their strategies, every organization must measure the progress of the variables they have define, Stocker Group has focused on the task of supporting its customers in this process. What should be measured? or How should it be measured? are part of our work.

We count on a team of professionals responsible for creating and adapting tools developed for monitoring progress and view with indicators, the impact of their initiatives. Our software solution MOAI has been developed with this objective in mind.

We also develop measurement tools (surveys, diagnostics and evaluations), which later can be integrated into a data system that allows the client to obtain, via Web, all the statistical data reports based on the required information.

In this area, we are known for our work with important organizations:

  • Social Base Line for Constitution Mining Corp., in the Peruvian jungle: we created the measurement tool, systematized the data, created the reports and from here developed the communitarian relationship plan.
  • Evaluation for organizational change in Sodis Foundation, responsible for the promotion of solutions for accessing safe water, present in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, among others.
  • Evaluation of Intermedia Project to Support the Development of Electronic Commerce developing for the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) and the Inter-American Bank of Development (BID).
  • Case studies to determine best practices and lessons learnt from projects implemented in Chile, Argentina Colombia and Peru, in the framework of ICT 4 BUS, of BID FOMIN.

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