Who are we?

Stocker Group, The Know How Company, is a multinational consulting company with offices in Santiago (Chile), Lima (Perú), Bogotá (Colombia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Panama City (Panamá) and Zurich (Switzerland).

We provide our customer with integral solutions with our four business lines: Knowledge Management, Internet Marketing, Business Matchmaking, Consulting Services, Analysis and Monitoring and development of Offshore software.

We take your ideas and projects and implement strategies oriented toward results, introducing decisive improvements in the management and functioning of your company. To this end, we build solid relationships with our customers with our teams and executive service, always proving our commitment to creating a long term partnership.

Our experience supports us, and we rely on our extensive loyal customer base throughout Latin America, North America and Europe.

How do we make a difference?

Multidisciplinary professionals: Experts with a long trajectory in each one of our business lines with innovative solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

Loyal customers: We support our customers in achieving decisive results, counseling them with solid expertise and becoming a long term partner.

International teams: Human capital with six nationalities highly trained that masters multiple languages.

Mission and Vision

We generate more value added for your customers, improving your competitiveness in the market. We understand the essence of our work like a virtuous cycle of support, impact and trust.

Stocker Group, The Know How Company relies on a top notch team, committed with the mission to support our customers in the improvement of their competencies.