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Innovation, synergies and strategic alliances for SMEs and large Enterprises

Based on the importance of face to face instances for commercial contact, we have created a software that allows SMEs to meet with potential buyers of their products at large scale. This is our Business Matchmaking software that adapts to sector requirements and to the reality of the countries, allowing the organization of Business Roundtables from matching product to product between demand and supply. With this software, up to 5000 pre-matched meetings daily are possible. It is a “speed dating” event for companies with a measurable and huge impact for SME’s and the large companies.

As a complement, we have created a business portal Mercatoo E-Marketplace that offers the companies that participate in the Business Roundtables to continue with commercial contacts created during the event and extend their offer to prospective customers abroad.

Our activity goes beyond software. For this, we count on a team of consultants in charge of implementing the Business Roundtables in: Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador y Nicaragua, in the framework of program that promotes exports lead by the Swiss Cooperation.


Software BMM (Business Matchmaker) for Organizing Business Roundtables

We create the methodology and software for supporting entrepreneurs in the creation of new business and opening them to new markets.

One of the main obstacles in the development of an SME in emerging countries is the access to export markets and large purchasing enterprises. With the end of allowing this link Stocker Group has created Business Match Maker, software that adapts to the sector requirements and to the country’s reality, allowing the organization of business rounds from matching product to product between demand and supply.

BMM not only allows the incorporation of SMEs in the value chain of large purchasing enterprises, it also gives them the possibility of selling and buying products among themselves, in an organized space that joins purchasers-sellers around coinciding demand-supply (matchmaking).

In a working day of meetings, each participating company has the possibility of meeting face to face with many potential buyers and showing them their products, closing immediate deals and establishing highly interesting commercial contacts for the short and medium term.

Also, previous to each one of these events an arduous task that involves strategic definitions is undertaken that gives life to a business event of this nature, such as:

  • Defining the target group, for example: large purchasing enterprises, exporters, brokers
  • Economic sector
  • Products
  • Previous preparation of buyers and supplying companies

Stocker Group through an alliance with important Unions has applied its methodology and has developed consecutive Business Roundtables in Peru, Bolivia Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile and Ecuador.


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