Dr. Michael Stocker is a Swiss entrepreneur with a Master’s in Business Administration and a PhD from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Additionally he earned an MBA from the Community of European Management Schools at the University ESADE Barcelona, Spain.

Mr. Stocker started his career 1994 at the Boston Consulting Group and the group of Swiss entrepreneur Stephan Schmidheiny (FUNDES, AVINA).

In 2004 he became an entrepreneur by founding the Stocker Group with offices in Chile, Brazil, Peru and Switzerland. His company executed projects in 22 countries by providing software and know-how for sustainable development projects. He acted as adviser on sustainable development and knowledge management for various highly prestigious organizations including the World Bank, United Nations (UNIDO, UNEP, UNCDAT), USAID, the IFC, IDB, The Governments of Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Peru and Brazil among others.

Since 2018 Mr. Stocker focused his activities as private equity investor and business consultant. He has supported the launch and growth of enterprises as investor and board member in a number of markets, including Colombia, Chile, Switzerland, Peru and Brazil. He has lived and worked in all those countries, developing a network of leading international business contacts. Currently he lives and manages his investments and companies out of Switzerland and Colombia.

Mr. Stocker is also Co-founder of PharmaCielo Ltd., headquartered in Canada and publicly traded on the TSXV. PharmaCielo received the first colombian manufacturing licence to produce medicinal cannabis in Colombia. He is also active in the Canadian Biotech sector as investor and board member of Kisolite. his main focus is impact investing and consulting activities that follow the triple bottom line approach including social, ecological and financial criteria. In this context he is an investor and partner of HausBau in Brazil, a company that builds social housing in Brazil.

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